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Civil Law

Civil Law

Civil Law is another specialty of Leyton Abogados. We understand how basic regulations govern many aspects associated with personal relationships, which is particularly important to our firm.

Many aspects of our day-to-day life, whether on a personal or business level, can cause setbacks, uncertainties and create needs, which may only be disputed and resolved by private law. We have more than 15 years of experience in providing legal advice to companies and individuals. In this time, we have rendered an excellent service to our clients, providing them with legal advice and, where necessary, defended their interests in court, with a high success rate.

Our dedication to the area of Civil Law has allowed us to obtain exhaustive knowledge in this field. This is fundamental for a fast and sound legal response.

Our lawyers will be responsible for studying, negotiating and drafting all types of civil law contracts, including contracts of sale, deposit agreements, call options, rental agreements, contract-related claims, contract rescission or termination, payment claims, wills, inheritance-related documents and cases, as well as any issues related to neighbourhood and horizontal property associations.


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